Thursday, April 26, 2001

I need to start upping the frequency of my updates here.

Thought of the day: National City Bank is the spawn of the devil. Okay, perhaps not the devil's actual offspring, but at least his preferred banking institution.

Months ago, when I was having problems with my checking account, I shut down the account. I tried to call their national customer service phone number to get some assistance. After endless hours of waiting on hold, I talked to an ever-so-helpful customer service rep who told me that it was all my fault and he was sure I was mistaken about the errors in my account and that I should go and review my bank statements if I haven't already. It takes a lot to irk me, but that did it.

So after talking to that fine gentleman, I cancelled my checking account, but I left my savings account open because I was anticipating a deposit that I didn't want to miss. The total in that account should have been around sixty dollars.

And so today, I went to withdraw my money and cancel my account. Instead of putting sixty bucks into my pocket, I ended up dishing out $1.19. What happened to my money? Seems that some dollar-fifty finance charge for my account triggered a fifty dollar cash advance, that has been steadily accruing interest until my debt exceeded my funds. Why wasn't the dollar-fifty simply subtracted from my available funds? "We don't know exactly why they do some of the things they do."

Irked again. Grr.